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Weak defense and direct attacks are compensated for by strong bow attacks and good Maneuverability. Shooting arrows in the air allows you to stay airborne for some time, out of harm's way.

Archer is the unique Job that involves crafting Arrows to do long range attacks by using Arrows as you can see in the top right corner.

Important Attributes: DEX and LUK

Arrows Edit

Archers have a stock of arrows, shown near the top-right corner of the screen next to a grey/brown arrow symbol.

  • All Archers use the same stock.
  • The stock starts at 10 if there is an Archer in the party.
  • For a solo Archer, the stock maxes out at 50.
  • For two Archers, the stock maxes out at 99.
  • An ally Merchant with Enlarge Weight Limit increases the max stock by up to 10 per level. The max stock can't be higher than 99.

The only way to restock Arrows is to use Reload (D/Special button). Without any points in Arrow Crafting, each cast adds 2 Arrows to the stock. Every point in Reload increases the Arrow gain by 1, up to 12 at level 10.

Arrows are used for normal and special Moves that use the B (Strong) button. However, Skills do not use up Arrows. Each Arrow attack uses one Arrow.

  • If there are no Arrows left, a normal B or ↓+B will come out instead, and a red message will show up above the Archer's head (once, until the stock is replenished again).


Archer Skills
Skill Command Requirements Effect Summary
Arrow Crafting D default Adds one extra arrow per reload per level.
Charge Arrow ↓↘→ A Improve Concentration (3) Energy is charge, then a large, penetrating arrow is released.
Owl's Eye passive default Each level add 1 point to DEX.
Vulture's Eye passive Owl's Eye (3) Each level add 1 point to AGI.
Double Strafe ↓↘→ B default Two high damage arrows are shot.
Arrow Shower ↓↓ B Double Strafe (3) A large amount of arrows of low damage are shot. (Unique to each gender)
Improve Concentration ↓↓ A Vulture's Eye (3) DEX rises for a fixed time.


Archer Moves
Moves Command Requirements Effect Summary
Chain Attack 1 A A AGI 10 a second Weak Attack if the first Weak Attack hits
Chain Attack 2 A A A AGI 20 a third Weak Attack if the second Weak Attack hits
Standing Shot → B default Shooting arrow from standing position
Low Shot ↘ B default Shooting from crouch position (Unique to each gender)
Back Sliding ↓ D AGI 30 Dash backward. Can move faster than a normal dash.
Shoulder Tackle (Male Only) →→ A STR 10 A charging hit, followed by an uppercut if it connects
Anti-Air Arrow (Male Only) →→ B DEX 30 Shooting arrow diagonally up forward
Ground-to-Air Arrow (Female Only) →→ B DEX 30 Shooting arrow curving up to the ground.
Double Kick (Female Only) ↓↓ A (Air) STR 10 A double kick dives forward and down
Dash Kick (Female Only) →→ A DEX 20 Kicks enemies up
Air-to-Air Arrow Male → B (Air) default Shooting arrow horizontally while in the air
Air-to-Air Arrow Female → A (Air) DEX 10 Shooting arrow horizontally while in the air
Low Air Shot Male ↓ B (Air) DEX 30 Shooting arrow vertically down
Low Air Shot Female → B (Air) default Shooting arrow diagonally down

Bonus StatsEdit

  • Level 4 = +1 DEX
  • Level 12 = +1 STR
  • Level 14 = +1 DEX
  • Level 20 = +1 INT

Gender DifferencesEdit

Normal differences such as Males have higher HP and Females have higher MP. Many different move set between gender and some even have different Status Requirement. Others such as :

  • Male can charge the arrow (hold B button) for twice the damage in some moves (Standing Shot, Low Shot)
  • Male has better damage in Double Strafe and can use to attack small enemies
  • Female has better damage in Arrow Shower and piercing type damage
  • Male has unlimited horizontal range when shooting in horizontally (Standing Shot, Air-to-Air Arrow)
  • Male can shoot small enemies in Standing Shot position
  • Female can only shoot limited distance enemies when in Low Shot but with piercing type damage

Stats EffectEdit

Archer only, other jobs have some different effects for certain stats.

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