You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Endure Level 3


Passive, activates under certain conditions


If an attack causes you to flinch, and leaves you with 25% or less HP, your character may explode, attacking the enemies. You are invincible during the activation of this skill (so it can save you from a combo if it's activated).

The first attack is an explosion for 500 damage. The second attack is a sword slash for 800 damage.

It adds three effects:

  • For 15 seconds, deal 10.8%-27% more melee damage (9%, plus 1.8% per level).
    • Stacks additively with STR/VIT in the damage formula.
    • Technically, it multiplies the base 90% by 112%-130%.
  • For 15 seconds, take 10% more melee damage.
    • Stacks additively with VIT in the damage formula.
    • Technically, it multiplies the base 100% in the damage resistance formula by 110%.
  • For 30 seconds, cannot activate Auto Berserk.
    • After the time runs out, if you haven't died and your HP is still at a critical level and you get hit again, it can be activated yet again, giving you more attack.

Not all attacks activate it, mainly those that actually flinch your character. You also have to be on the ground to activate it. Endure and Super Armor prevent flinching, keeping the skill from activating.

Adding points to this skill will add a better chance to activate, and the damage buff. It does not increase the Power of the attack, though the damage buff is applied before the attack.

The chance to activate is 55% to 100%. Level 1 is 55%, and each level adds 5% chance.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Each one has a different animation, and probably different hitboxes.

Swordman-M slashes down, while Swordman-F slashes up.