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RBO Sims App version 1.2.1Edit

made by WieQuadrat

Description Edit

A simulator is a tool that helps you plan the outcome of your character, it shows both the statistics and skills of any job at the maximum level of 30. It is NOT a creator that generates a character for you to play with.

This application can work without Ragnarok Battle Offline runs at the same time, because the purpose of this application for simulating the Status and Skills information.

How to Use Edit

  1. Start the application and choose a Job
  2. Add level, status points and skill points
  3. You can save and load a save files contain your character simulation info.
  4. You can also view a full screen 3 Players Keys Information. Useful if you have multiple monitor or a second PC (laptop).
  5. You can also use SandBox to create from clipboard copy paste or type the information that can be compiled, or copy or save.

Download Link Edit

RBO Sims App in

Alternative Solution Edit

There are some web based RBO Character simulator. This application was inspired by those web-based RBO Character simulator.

  • Online English Lv.30 Char Sim by nks

  • Online English Lv.30 Char Sim by nellshini

  • Offline English Lv.30 Char Sim by nellshini Notes: Downloadable for offline use.

The above simulators are tested compatible with the following browsers.

  • Windows Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Windows Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Netscape 7.1+
  • Firefox 1.0.7+
  • Opera 8.5+

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