There are 6 Classes which each have 2 Genders. The last class, Novice, has to be opened by finishing a quest (see more in Unlockables). Novice also has 2 Genders that you can select.

Classes or Job 1 as in RO are :

and Unlock new Novice Class

To stop the confusing in semantic game word with the word "Job" in RO, we recommended using the word "Class" or "Classes" for describing each profession and character in RBO.

  • Currently there are no more advance Class in RBO
  • Novice class can not change into another class. RBO design this class just for fun and you need experience and practice with this class, because of many delays moves and HP consuming skills.
  • Each class has 2 genders, with each gender having different moveset and graphics. Bringing totally new adventure with each gender in a total of 14 Characters.