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RBO Ex Sc Vol 3 :: XP-Viewer build #22Edit

made by Xane


XP-Viewer is a tool which can display the number of experience points your character has currently and how many points left to the next level up

This application only works for Ragnarok Battle Offline Ex Scenario Vol 3

How to UseEdit

  1. Start both the Viewer and RBO (I recommend windowed mode, since you will have to look on both windows)
  2. It will automatically detect the RBO and all player connected to RBO
  3. Experience are calculated by RBO in real time but in order for the game to save the experience in to the Character Slot Files, you have to finish a stage first. Otherwise the experience will not be save.
  4. To quit the viewer, select the viewer's window and press ESCAPE button

Download Link Edit


password: Xane

Older Version

Alternative SolutionEdit

To view your experience amount in RBO.

  1. go to View Ranking in the main game menu
  2. choose Character Stats
  3. You can view the status and experience amount total. Read Level to find the experience needed to next level
  4. Using this alternative solutions, requires the player to quit the game in stage to access the menu

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