Large Holy-Light
Summons a ball of light that drops from heaven, landing at the front of the user. Damage is based on the skill's level and character's INT. The ball dissipates after a single hit, unless launched using Spin Palm Strike or Holy Home Run.
  • When launched, becomes Holy Light Shot, one of the Acolyte's most damaging moves. It shoots forward, hitting enemies in its path.
  • Increased skill level:
    • reduces SP cost
    • increases damage
    • decreases the delay between hits when launched (allowing for more hits per ball). (Need verification.)
  • A maximum of 10 Skill Points can be used on this skill.
Lv SP Power
1 8 463
2 8 477
3 7 490
4 7 504
5 6 517
6 6 531
7 5 544
8 5 558
9 4 571
10 4 585



  • ↓↘ →+B
  • Press Down, Forward+Strong Attack


The ball normally disappears after a single hit, or when it reaches the ground. However, if the Acolyte hits the ball with a special (gender-specific) move, it turns into Holy Light Shot, moving horizontally and hitting enemies multiple times.

The ball can only be hit with the following moves:

Both moves have the command →→+B.

The timing of the hit determines the angle of flight. The ball disappears after a certain distance.

Ally Acolytes can't launch each others' Holy Light balls.

Gender DifferencesEdit

Each gender has a different launcher move.