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Magicians rely on magic attacks to damage enemies. Their normal attacks are slow and weak, but their magic is strong enough to overcompensate. Some spells are very hard to aim, but are unmatched in damage per second. Their low HP is offset by the two defensive skills Energy Coat and Safety Wall, with a third skill Fire Wall keeping enemies from passing while doing damage

Important Attributes: INT and AGI


Magician Skills
Skill Command Requirements Power Effect Summary
Energy Coat (D) →→ B Soul Strike (3) - Reduce physical damage, but lose SP per hit.
SP Regeneration passive default - Increase SP Recovery rate
Napalm Beat (D) D default 120-255/hit Releases forward an invisible psychokinesis.
Soul Strike ↓↓ A Napalm Beat (3) 600/hit Summons the spirits with no cast and can be done in the air.
Safety Wall (D) ↓↑ B Soul Strike (3) - Transmutes a blue gemstone into an impenetrable barrier.
Stone Curse (D) →→ A default 100 Enemies that gets hit by this skill have a chance to be cursed into stone.
Fire Bolt (D) ↓↓ A default 850/hit Summon a rain of fire arrows from above.
Fire Ball (D) ←→ B Fire Bolt (3) 750-1087,


Conjures a huge fire ball and lobs it forward in a parabolic arc, exploding upon landing.
Fire Wall ↓↓ B Fire Ball (3) 200/hit Summon a thick wall of fire.
Cold Bolt (D) ↓↓ B default 600/hit Summon a hail of huge ice lances from the sky
Frost Diver (D) ←→ A Cold Bolt (3) 110-200 Launches a wave of freezing cold ice spike on the ground that travels horizontally
Lightning Bolt (D) ↓↘→ A default 333/hit Multiple lightning bolts will strike down the nearest enemy instantly
Thunder Storm (D) ↓↘→ B Lightning Bolt (3) 777/hit Bring down a fierce thunder storm in a wide radius


Magician Moves
Moves Command Requirements Effect Summary
Damascus Dagger (Male) →→ A STR 10 A high speed dagger spin after a dash
Lightning Kick (Male) →→ B AGI 20 + DEX 20 Quickly dashes forward foot extended, covered with a blue aura
Air Dash →→ (Air) AGI 10 Dash forward when mid-air (jumping)
Staff Uppercut (Female) →→ A STR 5 Hits multiple times while juggling the enemy
Lightning Palm (Female) →→ B STR 10 + INT 10 Using Lightning hand to pushes back enemies to the edge of the screen
Aerial Staff Dive (Female) (Air Dash) → A DEX 10 Crash landing using staff to hit multiple enemies.
Napalm Field (Male) → B default A fire barrier appears briefly around him
Razor Cape (Male) ↘ B default Extends his cape and spins upwards
Spinning Staff (Female) → B (+ Air) default Hits multiple times by spinning the staff. Can be done in the air
Napalm Geyser (Female) ↘ B default Slams a large fire explosion appears in front of her briefly

Bonus StatsEdit

  • Level 4 = +1 INT
  • Level 12 = +1 DEX
  • Level 20 = +1 DEX
  • Level 28 = +1 INT

Gender DifferencesEdit

Other than the normal differences such as Males have higher HP and Females have higher MP. The most notable uniqueness are :

  • the Female Magician
    • Have a weaker physical attack strength compared to the male counterpart.
    • She carries an Arc Wand which has an average reach and multiple combo potential.
    • She has the same animation for almost every magical spells but has a different physical attack animations compared to the Male Magician
    • Feather Weight - Innate ability of the Female magician. They seem to stay longer in mid-air than any other characters in the game thus giving the feel of "floating". This effect is represented by the glowing staff during a jump.
  • the Male Magician
    • Somewhat excels in physical attack strength
    • He use a Damascus Dagger, with a very short range of physical attack and low numbers of combo
    • Has a special animation for the Cold Bolt & Stone Curse magic
  • Female and Male Magician
    • Hop - press →→ while standing. Instead of a dash or a run, the magicians does a hop instead, the difference is they can avoid small enemies while hopping and can execute mini aerial combos and attacks while doing so, the travel distance is small but it is very versatile.

Stats EffectEdit

Magician only, other jobs have some different effects for certain stats.

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