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Important Attributes: STR, VIT and AGI

Zeny Edit

Zeny is a unique resource used by Merchant skills. Playing a Merchant revolves around the collection and spending of money. As you collect more Zeny your attack power goes up, but many of the merchant’s skills involve spending Zeny. Collecting money with Discount and Overcharge are the secret to success as a merchant.

The current Zeny amount is shown near the top-right corner of the screen, next to a gold coin. In multiplayer games, it is shared among players. At the start of a stage, players have 10 Zeny. It has a limit of 99.

Merchant Morale: The Zeny damage bonus is 20% at 99 Zeny. At lower Zeny values, it is 20% * Zeny/99. The damage bonus stacks multiplicatively with other damage factors. The bonus is only for melee attacks, and is not applied Pushcart (summon and falling) and Cart Revolution's thrown cart. All other Merchant attacks are melee.

Zeny is acquired by using moves to drop it on the floor, and then walking over the dropped coins. These moves drop Zeny:

  • Discount: 5 Zeny per deflected hit.
  • Overcharge: 1 Zeny per enemy punched. Merchant-M punches 4 times, while Merchant-F punches 5 times.

Zeny is used for:

  • Drink A Potion (3 Zeny): Heal random amount% of HP.
  • Pushcart (2 Zeny): Summon a cart to follow you. Needed for certain skills.
  • Vending (5 Zeny): Throw many healing Items.
  • Mammonite (10 Zeny): Big attack with large AoE.


Merchant Skills
Skill Command Requirements Effect Summary
Cart Revolution ↓↓ B (Cart) Pushcart (3) Use Cart to attack (Unique to each gender)
Crazy Uproar ↓↘→ B default STR is increased for a fixed time.
Enlarge Weight Limit passive default Amount of items dropped by Vending increases, Increases Arrow limit.
Pushcart ↓↓ B (No Cart) Enlarge Weight Limit (3) 2 Zeny: Summon a cart that follows the Merchant
Vending ↓↓ D (Cart) Pushcart (3) 5 Zeny: Spreads a large number of items around the player
Mammonite ↓↓ A default 10 Zeny: A high-damage area attack.


Merchant Moves
Moves Command Requirements Effect Summary
Chain Attack 1 (Male) A A AGI 10 A second Weak Attack if the first Weak Attack hits
Chain Attack 1 (Female) A A LUK 10 A second Weak Attack if the first Weak Attack hits
Discount D default If you successfully block an attack, you get 5 Zeny
Overcharge ↓↘→ A default Grab an enemy and hit multiple times to get Zeny
Overcharge Finisher Overcharge A STR 20 + DEX 10 End Overcharge with a strong attack.
Drink A Potion ↓↘→ D default 3 Zeny: Drink a random Potion for 10-20% HP heal.
Ready Attack (Male Only) →→ A INT 10

Backs up a short distance then tackles forward.

Hip Attack (Male Only) →→ B (+Air) STR 10 + DEX 15 Using Hip to attack forward while jumping
Rolling Over (Female Only) →→ A AGI 10 Roll forward
Drop Kick (Female Only) →→ B (+Air) STR 10 + DEX 15 Use the kick forward. can be use in the Air.

Bonus StatsEdit

  • Level 12 = +1 DEX + 1 VIT
  • Level 20 = +1 STR
  • Level 28 = +1 DEX

Gender DifferencesEdit

Other than the normal differences such as Males have higher HP and Females have higher MP. The most notable uniqueness are:

Stats EffectEdit

Merchant only, other jobs have some different effects for certain stats.

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