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Main Screen

RBO Monster Changer version 3.1.0Edit

made by WieQuadrat

Description Edit

a lot of people is thrilled with the idea of playing as a monster as soon as PACNyx can see all resource in RBO but i noticed that a lot of people getting all confused by extension and renaming and so many headaches for changing yourself into a monster. I'm confused too because of the complexity of renaming and changing all those FOB and DAT. *sigh* I'm a whiner.... so since i'm a whiner, i give you this application.

You need to use PACNyx to extract the needed monster's files and download the Monster Compilation pack for monster information

How to Use Edit

  1. Download PACNyx application. View more info in (dead link)why?
  2. Extract all PAC in your RBO using PACNyx. (allocate around 2,5 GB hd)

for example

----DATA01\     <-----contains KAFRA.DAT & FOB, DOPPELGANGER.DAT & FOB, and so on
----EX1DISC\    <-----contains EX1 monster
----EX2DISC\    <-----contains EX2 monster
----EX3DISC\    <-----contains EX3 monster
  1. Download RBO Monster Changer
  2. Download the Monster Compilation 006 too and extract them to you RBO Monster Changer folder
  3. make sure you click BACKUP to backup some character .FOB or .DAT
  4. Setup Screen : set the path for RBO GAME. choose the latest RBO EX Scenario if you have one.
  5. Setup Screen : set the path for PAC Extracted files in the SETUP screen (in step 6). As in this examples we choose the "C:\Programs\PACNyx" folder according to step 2.
  6. Choose a monster in the left grid then choose the character (by default is Swordman) after that click CHANGE
  7. If you want your character back to Swordman press RESTORE

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Alternative Solution Edit

To change player into a monster manually, refer to this procedure in Play as Monster in Advance Gameplay Section

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