Napalm Beat

Napalm Beat

You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.






Press Cast then Cast again


Releases an invisible psychokinesis projectile that will make any monster in contact with the skill implode from inside out, the explosion will hit any monsters around the target and sometimes damages the target itself, it is non elemental but has fire characteristics. What it actually do is create an invisible projectile of psychic energy that travels with a medium speed with a maximum range from the "a" in the "stage m'a'p" to the far right of the stage (yes,its very far)

You could pretty much fry your enemy with this at any range,but the enemy behind you will not be affected by it, much like the EX bosses "drain attack", it has a weak attack power even if you have a high INT and maxed skill level,the main purpose of this skill is to annoy/distract your enemy buying some time for you to cast bigger spells at your enemies,

Raising the level would slightly raise the damage and the spread explosion damage of this skill.

it is a prerequisite to a stronger spell, Soul Strike, so you will have this spell whether you like it or not, plus it is associated closely with Soul Strike, by using Napalm Beat twice to "lift" an opponent you'll put them in the right angle for Soul Strike so you don't need to aim it anymore.

This spell is also fun to use at EX stage 2's "barrel stage",you can easily pass through this stage by spamming it, the initial hit will break the barrels and the explosion will take care other barrels near by, combine that with high speed casting and low SP cost, you got yourselves a winner.

  • Every odd Skill Level will increase 1 Hit. At the largest odd, 9, will hit 5 Times.
  • Increase level will increase overall Damage


SP = 15

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference