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Novice has weak attacks, weak defense and long delays. This is the hardest class to play because of all the very unique and new style of play, even seasoned player will have difficult mastering them. Expect a lot of redo, after all this is a novice character. However learning the Novice's strong points will bring both to a new level of power as some of their moves are devastating.

You have to unlock quest in order to use this character, read more information in Unlockables section.


Novice Skills
Skill Command Requirements Effect Summary
First Aid D default Recover 5 HP
Play Dead ↓ D default Faking dead to evade monster attack


Novice Moves
Moves Command Requirements Effect Summary
Chain Attack 1 A A STR 20 + DEX 15 + AGI 10 a second Weak Attack if the first Weak Attack hits
Chain Attack 2 A A A STR 25 + DEX 20 + AGI 20 a third Weak Attack if the second Weak Attack hits
Dash →→ AGI 20 Run forward
Random Emoticon ↓↘→ A default Show emoticon
Aura Blast ↓↓ A INT 50 Creates a large energy explosion around you and decreases your HP/SP by half (Unique to each gender)
Barbarian Swing →→ B STR 25 The sword hits for low damage.
Rotation Hurl (Male Only) Barbarian Swing →→ STR 30 After swing the sword, carelessly thrown forward.
100 M Panic (Male Only) →→ A AGI 40 Running for help causing little damage
Back Step ↓↓ B default Going back to avoid enemy attack (Unique to each gender)
Jump Kick (Male Only) ↓↘→ A (Air) DEX 20 Dash through the air while kicking
Rocket Jump (Male Only) ↘ B DEX 20 Trying to do super jump from the ground
Super Rocket Jump (Male Only) ↓↘→ B (Air) DEX 30 Super jump outside the screen with high damage
Aura Blade (Female Only) Barbarian Swing →→ STR 25 + INT 20 Create a wide area slashing of high energy blade
Flying Hip Press (Female Only) ↓↘→ B STR 25 + DEX 20 Flying and fall down bouncing
Rolling Over (Female Only) →→ A AGI 40 + DEX 5 Forward roll attack
Comet Air Dash (Female Only) →→ B (Air) INT 20 + DEX 30 Dash through the sky with a burning aura
Swimming in The Air (Female Only) → B (Air) default Try to push forward by swimming along the jump

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