Nothing (Default at start up)


At least STR 20 points to do the Overcharge Finisher


↓↘→ A


Press Down, Forward, Weak Attack


Moves forward a little and grabs an enemy, which stuns it. The Merchant then slowly multiple punches and a coin pops out for each hit on each monster. Afterwards, Merchant tosses them forward.

You can end the combo at any time by pressing A or Weak Attack, while holding the enemy to get a final attack in for more damage.

  • The coins will spill above or behind you.
  • Can grab multiple monsters at once. Also, any monster which gets into range while the Merchant is holding monsters will also be grabbed.
  • Stunnable monsters will be held until the move is finished, or until the Merchant is hitstunned, whichever comes first. Non-stunnable monsters will be frozen for about a second, and will then continue to do what they were doing.


SP = 4

Gender DifferencesEdit


  • Will hit 4 times and get 4 Zeny


  • Will hit 5 times and get 5 Zeny
  • Overcharge Finisher using Drop Kick