Large Pneuma
A green energy wall springs from the ground that repels certain projectile and ranged attacks.
  • Instant casting
  • Unlike a regular Miss, there may be a Miss sign near where the attack entered the aura, rather than at the character.
  • One active Pneuma at a time per Acolyte.
  • Max 1 skill level


Teleport level 1


  • ↓ ↓+A (ground only)
  • Down, Down+Weak Attack (ground only)


  • 20 SP 


  • 10 seconds

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference

Known attacks blockedEdit

Normal ModeEdit

Stage 1Edit

None. It's absolutely useless.

Stage 2Edit

  • Boss: None

Stage 3Edit

  • Arrows of skeleton archers
  • NOT Horongs(purple flames; they count as monsters)
  • NOT falling rocks

Stage 4Edit

  • Arrows of Orc archers
  • NOT Orc Lady (including kisses)
  • NOT Orc Hero's wave attacks

Stage 5Edit

Stage 6Edit

  • Web attacks of Argos(spiders)
  • None of Jakk(pumpkinhead subboss)'s attacks
  • Boss: Doppelganger's purple waves(Soul Breaker?) only (but not the sword attack that launches them, counts as melee)

Stage 7Edit

  • Web attacks of Argos
  • Vine attacks from Mandragora?
  • None of the twin subboss attacks
  • Boss: None of Baphomet Jr.'s or Baphomet's attacks

Stage 8Edit

  • NOT (final boss's) weapon-summoning attack

EX-Stage 1Edit

EX-Stage 2Edit

EX-Stage 3Edit

Lutie and the Toy Factory

  • The ice that Sasquatch throw
  • Cruiser's rifle shots
  • Myst Case's attacks
  • Boss: Stormy Knight's Ice Blast (the shield beam)

EX-Stage 4Edit

  • "the paving stones from Amon Ra and Isis"?

Arena ModeEdit

Stage 40