A Merchant skill.

Summon a Cart that follows the Merchant. The Cart is needed for Vending and Cart Revolution.

  • When it is summoned, the Cart can hit enemies for a little damage (400 Power).
  • When the Merchant is falling, the Cart can hit enemies for a little damage (100 Power).
  • The Cart has no time limit.
  • Leveling decreases the speed reduction from having the cart summoned.
    • Level 1-3: 88% speed
    • Level 4-6: 92% speed
    • Level 7-9: 96% speed
    • Level 10: 100% speed
    • The speed reduction is multiplicative, so if you normally have 120% speed, a level 1 Pushcart will set your speed to 88%*120% = 105% speed (round down), not 108%.


Enlarge Weight Limit level 3


↓↓+B (No Cart)


Without a Cart, press Down, then Down+Strong Attack


2 Zeny

Gender DifferencesEdit

Merchant-M's Pushcart is summoned from in front of him. It flies straight at him.

Merchant-F's Pushcart is summoned from behind her. It flies across the middle of the screen, arcing down to fall onto her, missing low enemies. At higher character speeds, the cart descends more quickly, reaching the merchant at a steeper angle, or even rolling on the floor before it gets there. Merchant-M needs a lower speed for it to hit the ground.