Original stagesEdit

There are eight stages in the initial release of the game. The character cannot proceed to the next level before beating the current level. The eight levels are reminiscent of Ragnarok Online.

    * Prontera Field
      Mini-bosses: Willow, PecoKnight w/ Poring Train, Rocker, Ambernite, Pupa/Creamy,
      Boss Monster: Eclipse

    * Sograt Desert and Ant Hell
      Mini-bosses: Golem, Hode
      Boss Monster: Phreeoni, Maya

    * Payon Cave
      Mini-bosses: Munak & Bongun, Greatest General, Ninetails, Sohee
      Boss Monster: Wolyafa (also known as Moonlight Flower)

    * Orc Village
      Mini-bosses: Orc Lady
      Boss Monster: Orc Hero

    * Undersea Tunnel
      Mini-bosses: Obeaune, Thara Frog, Penomena,
      Boss Monster: Deviace

    * Geffen Tower
      Mini-bosses: Giant Whisper, Marionette, Jakk, Nightmare
      Boss Monster: Doppelganger

    * Mt.Mjolnir and the Labyrinth Forest (Hidden Temple)
      Mini-bosses: Ground Petite & Flying Petite, Baphomet Jr.
      Boss Monsters: Mistress, Baphomet

    * Prontera City
      Boss Monsters: Eclipse, Maya, Moonlight Flower, Orc Hero, Deviace, 
                     Doppelganger, Baphomet, and the "Kafra"

Secret StageEdit

There is a secret 9th level in Prontera City which is unlocked if all previous eight levels have been beaten with the Novice class.

    * Prontera Castle
      Boss Monsters: 100 BOT and 1 BOT with aura


The first expansion, RBO Extra Scenario Vol. 1, was released on August 14, 2005. Scenario Vol. 1 added two new stages, an arena mode with 50 stages (10 of them are unlocked by finishing the previous 40 with each class), some character balances, and increased difficulty such as doubling boss and mini-boss damage.

A second expansion, RBO Extra Scenario Vol. 2, was released on December 29, 2005. Scenario Vol. 2 added three new levels, decreased the requirements for unlocking the extra arenas from all classes to two classes, and further tweaked gameplay.

The third expansion, RBO Extra Scenario Vol. 3, was released on May 21, 2006. Scenario Vol. 3 added one new level.

RBO Extra Scenario Vol. 1Edit

    * Prontera Culvert
      Mini-bosses: Female Thief Bug & Male Thief Bug, Cramp
      Boss Monster: Golden Thief Bug

    * Sunken Ship
      Mini-bosses: Mimic, Ghostring, The Wanderer
      Boss Monsters: Drake

    * Arena Mode

RBO Extra Scenario Vol. 2Edit

    * Lutie and the Toy Factory
      Mini-Bosses: Chepet, Angeling, Christmas Jakk
      Boss Monsters: Hatii, Stormy Knight

    * Pyramid
      Mini-Bosses: Minotaur, Ancient Mymmy, Isis
      Boss Monsters: Amon Ra and Osiris

    * Sphinx
      Mini-Bosses: Minotaur, Pasana, Marduk
      Boss Monsters: Pharaoh

RBO Extra Scenario Vol. 3Edit

    * Amatsu and Tatami Maze
      Mini-Bosses: Shinobi, Tengu
      Boss Monsters: The Paper and Incantation Samurai