Stone Curse

Stone Curse

You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Nothing (Default at start up)


(D) →→+A


Press Cast, then Forward, then Forward+Weak Attack


Enemies that gets hit by this skill have a chance to be cursed into Stone. If the curse succeeds, the enemy will be slowed down for 5 seconds, then they will turn into stone for 6 seconds. After 5 seconds of being stoned, it will take 1% of its max HP in damage (EX3). Hitting a fully Stoned enemy will end the Stone status. Sadly, this move cannot affect boss monsters,

  • The Curse success rate is increased with every point added to the skill level.
  • The chance is 20% + 4%*SkillLevel, or 24% to 60%.

A fully Stoned enemy takes different amounts of damage than normal from attacks and spells. First, the target has its damage vulnerabilities modified for one hit, taking 150% physical and 75% magical damage. Second, the enemy has its elemental defense changed to Earth 1, taking 150% Fire damage and 50% Lightning (Wind) damage. (Ice spells are nonelemental.) The element change lasts for 1.5 seconds after the first hit.

Level Stone chance
1 24%
2 28%
3 32%
4 36%
5 40%
6 44%
7 48%
8 52%
9 56%
10 60%


SP = 15

Strategy Edit

This spell has 2 major setbacks which are

  • a melee range magic spell
  • No effect on boss type monsters

This move still has its uses for melee battle mages as a support attack since the amount of INT doesn't change the spells usefulness.

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference