You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Throw Sand level 3


↓↓+B (+Air)


Press Down, then Down+Strong Attack. Can be use while Jumping.


Throw a rock that have a chance to Stun enemy for 3 seconds. Unfortunately, the skill is bugged and will never stun.

  • Thief's only projectile.
  • Damage is fixed at 30.
  • Can be use in mid-air. (Not in base game.)
  • Increase in level increases chance to stun (5%-10%).
  • The rock bounces around for a bit, allowing it to hit additional enemies.

Cost: 5 SP

Lv Stun chance
1 5%
2 5.5%
3 6%
4 6.5%
5 7%
6 7.5%
7 8%
8 8.5%
9 9%
10 10%

Bugs Edit

The stun effect is bugged.

  • In the base game, the stun chance is stored in one place, but read from another location, which is not used by anything else and is always 0.
  • In EX1 to EX3, the stun chance is stored in a different place, which is still the wrong place (it's where the random roll is stored). The location where it should be stored remains 0 forever.
  • The stun chance should probably be from 55% to 100%, since stunning is its only significant effect.

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference