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A great job to start with if you are new to RBO. Usually this job will be your first job to the last stage because of high attack and high HP. The speed are normal and they have low SP.

Important attributes: STR, VIT and AGI


Swordman Skills
Skill Command Requirements Effect Summary
Moving HP Recovery passive HP Recovery (3) Increase small amount of automatic HP Regeneration every 8 seconds. Not affected by sitting.
Fatal Blow B (After Bash) Bash (3) + Provoke (3) Add stun chance and a follow-up attack to Bash.
Auto Berserk passive Endure (3) When damaged at low HP (below ~25%), explode and temporarily increase damage.
Sword Mastery passive default Increases damage of every strike.
Inc. HP Recovery passive default Increases the amount of innate HP Regeneration every 8 seconds
Bash ↓↘→+B Sword Mastery (3) A strong slash attack (Unique to each gender)
Magnum Break ↓↘→+A Bash (3) Wide whirlwind slashes that end in a fiery blast. High damage and invincible throughout move.
Provoke ↓↓+B default Lowers target enemies' defense and increases their attack. Does not affect bosses.
Endure ↓↓+A Provoke (3) Prevents flinching from enemy attacks


Swordman Moves
Moves Command Requirements Effect Summary
Chain Attack 1 A A AGI 10 a second Weak Attack if the first Weak Attack hits (more damage for the second attack)
Chain Attack 2 A A A AGI 20 a third Weak Attack if the second Weak Attack hits (even more damage for the third attack)
Tackle →→+B STR 20 A forward attack and then some serial of hits forward again. (Unique to each gender)
Low Pierce (Male Only) ↓+B (Air) Dex 20 Downward stab from the air.
Aerial Bash (Female Only) Bash (Air) Bash (1) Downward Bash attack from the air.
Chain Bash Bash (during Bash) Dex 20 + Bash (1) Combo Bash into Bash, You can do it multiple times (as long as there are sufficient MP)
Vital Force

C (just before a hit)

HP Recovery Guard a hit just in time to recover some HP.

Bonus StatsEdit

  • Level 2 = +1 STR
  • Level 12 = +1 VIT
  • Level 20 = +1 DEX
  • Level 27 = +1 STR

Gender DifferencesEdit

Other than the normal differences such as Males have higher HP and Females have higher SP, the most notable uniqueness are:

  • Female Swordman can do an Aerial Bash
  • Male Swordman can use the Low Pierce.
  • Female Swordman dashes (Guard-cancellable), while Male Swordman runs.

Stats EffectEdit

Swordman only, other jobs have some different effects for certain stats.

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