Large Tele
Teleport randomly from the ground or air to a distance.
  • Instant casting
  • Invincible until fully teleported
  • Teleporting a longer distance seems to take more time, and thus has a longer window of invincibility
  • 10 SP cost
  • A 1 Skill Point max can be used.


  • Nothing (Default at start up)


  • ↓↓+B (also while in Air)
  • Press Down, Down+Strong Attack (also while in Air)

Gender DifferencesEdit


  • Teleports from ground to ground, or from air to air. Distance is up to a full screen, and always at the user's direction.
  • Air teleport may try to place the Acolyte next to an enemy (needs testing).
  • While in the air, indefinitely teleport repetition is possible after hitting a target.
  • The Japanese RBOWiki[1] states that male Acolytes teleport to the closest enemy if far, or away from the enemy if close.(dead link)why?


  • From the ground: Teleports vertically to random heights in the air.
  • From the air: Teleports vertically to the ground with slight distance adjustment at the user's direction.

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