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Male ArcherFemale Archer
Male MagicianFemale Magician
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The thief is a fast character with skills and attacks tailored to hitting fast and staying out of the way. Their signature moves include Hiding which makes the thief completely invulnerable by disappearing from the stage and Steal which deals damage and actually takes some Items from monster.

Important Attributes: AGI and LUK


Thief Skills
Skill Command Requirements Effect Summary
Throw Sand →→+B default Throw sand to blind enemies
Back Slide ←+D during Evade Improve Dodge (3) Moves backwards very quick
Stone Fling ↓↓+B (+Air) Throw Sand (3) Throw a rock that can Stun enemy.

Stun chance is bugged to 0%, and the skill is almost useless.

Double Attack ↓↓+D Back Slide (1)+ Hiding (3) Create a clone that imitates all your attacks for 2/3x damage.
Improve Dodge passive default Increase chance to dodge enemy attacks. Unlocks Evade.
Steal ↓↘→+A default Attack with a chance of making the enemy drop an Item.
Hiding D during Evade Improve Dodge (1) + Steal (3) Completely disappear for a duration
Envenom ↓↘→+B default Attack with a chance of Poisoning the enemy.
Detoxify ↓↓+A Envenom (1) Cures Poison Status


Thief Moves
Move Command Requirements Effect Summary
Chain Attack 1 A A AGI 10 a second Weak Attack if the first Weak Attack hits
Chain Attack 2 A A A AGI 20 a third Weak Attack if the second Weak Attack hits
Evade D Improve Dodge (1) Momentarily evades most enemy attacks
Air Dash →→ (Air) DEX 10 Move forward while in mid air (Unique to each gender)
Stealth Dash →+D during Evade AGI 10 + Improve Dodge (1) Forward version of Back Slide, zooms quickly forward
Down Hill Kick (Male) ↓↓+A (Air) STR 20 + AGI 20 A short ranged drop kick in the air that does high damage
Down Hill Kick (Female) ↓↓+A (Air) AGI 30 A short ranged drop kick in the air that does high damage
Diving Knife (Female) ↓↓+B (Air) STR 20 Jump and dive with knife
Divide Fog (Female) →→+A AGI 10 + DEX 10 Forward and slash the knife

Bonus StatsEdit

  • Level 4 : Agi +1
  • Level 12: Str +1
  • Level 20: Dex +1
  • Level 28: Vit +1

Gender DifferencesEdit

Other than the normal differences such as Males have higher HP and Females have higher MP. The most notable uniqueness are the notable combo difference for each gender:



Stats EffectEdit

Thief only, other jobs have some different effects for certain stats.

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