You can add to a maximum 10 Skill Points.


Lightning Bolt level 3


(D) ↓↘→ B


Press Cast then Down, Forward, Strong Attack


Bring down a fierce thunder storm that will literally obliterate everything in its blasting radius,

  • During casting you can't move until the spell is ready,
  • If you are hit during the thunder storm, the storm will end prematurely
  • The damage of the spell is still smaller than a level 10 Fire Bolt but it has a massive range of 3/4 game screen, everything from its maximum range to your position will taste the same damage evenly
  • Each lightning bolts are piercing type
  • The thunder storm will last longer and hit more often with every point added to the skill level, lasting about 2~3 seconds in level 10.
  • The thunder storm will also hit enemies that are entering the screen from the top or the sides, even after the skill is finished.

But its not like it doesn't have a catch though,the huge SP cost and the fact that its the only spell that has an age-long casting time (5 - 8 seconds), and that RBO is a brawling game, made this spell almost impossible to pull out in some area without cover by other players or the Safety Wall, and sometimes even Safety Wall can't guarantee you'll be able to pull this out, add that to the still mediocre damage and you have the hardest skill to pull out next to Mammonite in RBO!

  • If you are a team player,and have an Acolyte partner that owns a level 10 Increase Agi, then Thunder Storm will become an extremely effective spell because Increase Agi will cut nearly half of the usual casting time.


SP 75 at level 10

Gender DifferencesEdit

No Difference