Ragnarok Battle Offline Wiki

Novice Class[]

Beat Stages 1-8 with all Classes (6 Classes in any gender) to unlock Novice male and female.

Stage 9[]

Beat stages 1-8 with a Novice to unlock Stage 9. This is the last stage before the Ex stages.

Arena 1 - 50[]

  • Beat the first five arena battles to unlock the next five.

This pattern continues until arena battle 40.

To open arena battle 41 - 50 :

  • Finish arena battles 1 - 40 with 2 different characters (in Ex1: 7 classes) to unlock arena 41-50.
  • Beat those to unlock the final five arena battles.

They both can be the same class (for example : Thief male and Thief female , or Swordman male and Swordman female)

You could see which character that already beat the specific arena when you selected the arena and see the highlighted character from the 14 icons slot.

Extra Arena Yggdrasil Leafs[]

After fighting the same arena over and over, and failing to succeed, you'll spawn with an extra Yggdrasil Leaf (this stacks until you have maximum 6 Yggdrasil Leafs)